Item 7c SOA BOD Meeting April 14, 2021

The following post submitted by Vince Loving, Association member:

” Initially I had a plan to compose and submit a positive letter for the April 14 SOA board meeting, but time got away from me and I missed the 3pm deadline.

With that said, I felt it was extremely positive that the board was actually going to follow a process to arrive at the best solution related to the renewal of the contract with First Service Residential. I saw the move to measure and research was a move in the right direction compared with previous issues that have all been treated with complete subjectivity.

To think the board was improving THEIR performance with this was an error on my part.

I sat through the “Townhall Meeting” on Tuesday April 13th, becaming more puzzled as that presentation unfolded. The meeting seemed to only be promoting why the SOA should move to internal management, almost no mention of selecting a new vendor to replace FSR or retaining our vendor FSR.

I must share that I have no love or dislike for FSR, but every interaction with this vendor has been respectful and helpful. They have always been positive in resolving any issue.

Fast forward to the April 14th Board meeting, it turns out that the newest 3 board members have been gathering information to support their desire to kick FSR to the curb at year end, they have been doing so since October 2020 when they were running for the board, despite stating they had no plan to change anything major, they just wanted Somersett to be “happier”.

It seems replacing or eliminating the management company is quite a major change.

When providing the board’s initial data there were 3 case studies cited, one was a 55+ community in the Las Vegas area, another was a failed hybrid model in the Stockton, California area (not Sacramento) and the third was our neighbor Caughlin Ranch, which has always been internally managed.

Caughlin Ranch is possibly the closest model, but it took the homeowners forum at the end of the board meeting to bring out the fact Caughlin Ranch is taking a hard look at bringing in a management company to handle the community.

The board meeting became quite interesting after the intro to the “consultant” that the board has identified to steer the board to a decision and possibly through the transition to internal management. There were several folks who have raised concern over a conflict of interest, me included. It was really terrific to be “educated by the “consultant” on the meaning of “conflict of interest”, this from someone whose resume indicates a career in the public sector, we all know politicians have a different view of ethics than most people do.

Speaking of ethics, it was interesting when Craig Hanson brought up that the board had made zero effort to look at anyone beyond the appointed “consultant” to consult on this project. Craig pointed out the completely unethical optics surrounding the selection of this individual and lack of a formal RFP. The Gang of 3 pushed back that they would be embarrassed to present our RFP to anyone outside the community, yet they repeatedly mentioned that Somersett is a small city unto itself. It was however classic, when Terry Retter, retired from PWC corrected the Gang of 3 on their wrongheadedness on this topic.

Thank you, Mr. Retter and Mr. Hanson, for being the voice of reason.

So here we are AGAIN. The Gang of 3 is driving the bus, they have made up their minds on how an issue will be resolved and only go through the motions for optics and perhaps because the law requires it to some extent. Any integrity the Gang of 3 had, is now lost, as they have proven they are only working for their own self-interest.

As I write this, I can only reflect on some of the statements that the Gang of 3 has made over the last 5 months, the top 5 are as follow:

People in custom homes have different tastes and motivations than those in tract homes.  Bill O’Donnell

If you don’t like what we’re doing hire an attorney.  Mark Capalongan

The law says we don’t have to take input from anyone to make these decisions.  Mark Capalongan

People who complain must have had unhappy childhoods.  Bill O’Donnell

Some people complain just to complain.  Bill O’Donnell

5 thoughts on “Item 7c SOA BOD Meeting April 14, 2021

  1. I was wondering what the “gang of 3” has to gain, by pursuing self management..? Without anything to gain, personally, why would what they are suggesting be bad?

    1. A good question. Perhaps it is not so much their motives, but their methods, which make their motives suspect.

      1. Regarding the methods of the current board president, it’s like herding cats, to get significant input from the community. Don’t we need someone to take the bull by the horns, as long as it makes sense?

        1. What so many folks miss here, is that there has NEVER been any measurement of performance for FSR.
          To date, any board member stating FSR is not doing a good job, is making a 100% subjective statement. Nobody has ever engaged FSR to develop metrics related to there performance. Without define expectations and deliverables nobody can perform to a client’s expectations.
          With zero vendor management you get what you get, and to expect more is insane.
          In the Tuesday night “Townhall meeting”/Sales pitch, there was ONE slide that listed 4 management companies total and time spent on this slide was around 27 seconds.
          There was also no mention of primary deliverables for a new vendor, FSR or an internal management scenario.
          So exactly what is the Gang of 3 proposing to accomplish OTHER than ousting FSR?
          Then there is the issue of ethics that surround selection of a consultant that forced Craig out…but then again, he was an impediment to the changes the Gang of 3 want to push.

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