Board Meeting Audio-Visual Recordings


The “Gwen in Somersett” comment makes a good point in that the Board of Director Meeting minutes are generally very brief and document little of all that transpired at the meeting. This in addition to not being readily available. Hence the recaps published on this website.

However, if one wants to hear all that went on and to capture the flavor of the meeting, obtaining a copy of the audio recording, or as in the current case an audio-video recording, is the way to go.  Be prepared that, given the length of a typical Board meeting, they can be somewhat tedious to listen to, but one can always scan through them.

Recordings are generally available the day after the Board meeting on the SOA website ( under the “SOA Board and Committees/The Board of Directors” tabs. Alternately, one can request a copy from the FirstService Residential management staff (e.g., Robin Bolson – Communications Coordinator or Michelle Powers – Administrative Assistant).  SU has always found the FSR staff to be very prompt in responding to this and other requests,

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