Witt Storage at Somersett – Phase 2

The following post submitted by Warren Lyons. (SU note: This post was submitted earlier but overlooked by SU. SU apologizes for the late posting but Mt. Lyons has advised it is still relevant).

“The proposed Witt Family mini storage project at the Somersett I-80 entrance area received a mass grading permit on February 22, 2021.  The permit and mass grading approved plans are available now at the City of Reno web site. The mass grading permit Number is “BLD20-09309E”

The permit description of Work to Be Done text says “Commercial grading & Site Improvements.. Mass Grading, Retaining Walls and Drainage. Improvements for future mini warehouse storage site.” The permit is attached.

witt storage building permit

Earlier project drafts, no longer on the City of Reno building permit web site, described the project as having slightly under 500 storage units with associated lighting, drainage and re-vegetation of the project area. This earlier concept building plan document was listed on the Building Permit application tracking file but it was not released under a public records request in October, 2020;  the current building permit file no longer lists this document.

Apparently, the mass grading permit does not provide for public review and comment on this phase of the project but hopefully the public can provide comments and concerns on the actual construction plans.

The Somersett AGC is listed in the City of Reno building permit tracking with a review and comment document; the City of Reno has to date declined to provide this document through a  public records request.

SOA AGC – Witt Storage landscaping plan

There are questions and action items that could be asked by our Somersett and Sierra Canyon homeowners.”

5 thoughts on “Witt Storage at Somersett – Phase 2

  1. You are correct, Warren. COR can and does approve Site Plan Permits without reviewing what the permit is supposed to support. Witt Storage will be slightly under the 500 unit threshold that requires a Special Use Permit (now a Conditional Use permit under new Planning Code) Under the SC2 PUD. I believe they have a green light, though there might be some debate about adjacency standards the in PUD that could be haggled about. Nothing to do until Witt files an actual building permit application that will be reviewed by Reno Planning.

    “Storage Canyon by Del Web” has a nice ring to it!

  2. When you think we could have had a couple of nice stores with let’s say a wine shop, a gourmet food store, maybe a bakery or a nice coffee shop…

    I love the “Storage Canyon by Del Web” – that’s just too funny!

  3. For example : Perenn bakery is opening their first restaurant at Rancharrah – Too bad – this is the kind of restaurant the SOA and its board/management should chase to have invest in Somersett. Instead, we’re getting a giant storage unit store.


    1. They build what the market wants/needs Bronco. In this case the market wants storage because people are closet hoarders.

      How many people have you seen that have to park their cars in the driveway, street or both, due to having a garage brimming with things that haven’t seen the light of day in 10, 15 or 20 years.

      The HOA rules state that a garage may not be used exclusively for storage, but people ignore those rules, park outside and cry when their car is broken into.

      Meanwhile, more storage is built for people that need a place for all those things that won’t fit in the garage with the rest.

      The best part is looking at their cars parked in the street when the snowplow or street sweeper makes a pass.

  4. Man, it’s a great-looking area, and the landscape of all of it is amazing. The retaining walls, grass, trees, it all adds up. Seems like a place I’d like to visit. Thanks for sharing!

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