April 28th SOA Board Meeting

hoa board meeting

Following is the Agenda for the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (Board) Meeting to be held at The Club at Town Center (TCTC) at 5:30 PM on Wednesday, April 28th.

April 28th BOD Meeting Agenda

Given that TCTC is still operating under some COVID-19 restrictions, Owner participation will again be via “Zoom” videoconferencing. Video access instructions are available in the above meeting agenda copy.

The Board Meeting Packet (i.e., as of April 25th) providing background information on some of the Agenda items is available on the SOA Website (www.somersett.org) under the SOA Documents/Board Documents/2021 links.  April 28th Agenda Items and comments derived from the Board Meeting Packet follow:

3.  April 4th, 2021 BOD Meeting Minutes

The Board Meeting Packet referenced above contains a draft summary of the April 14th Board meeting minutes.  As usual, these meeting minutes contain little of what was discussed, only the results. For a more detailed recap, one may access SU’s previous post of April 18th entitled “April 14th SOA BOD Meeting Recap”.

4.  Committee Reports

4.a. Budget & Finance, 4.c. Strategic & Facilities, 4.d. West Park Garden, and 4.e. Community Events  –  Nothing contained within the Board Meeting Packet for these Committees. It appears that these agenda items are included on every  Board meeting agenda as placeholders, whether or not a report actually exists.

4.b.  Communication  –  Reported that: 1) photo contest entries are being printed for display at TCTC for voting on by owners, 2) communication to owners on use of the new Zen Planner Reservation system is in the works, 3) they are finalizing how commercial advertising will be presented on the SOA website, 4) more  surveys are on the way, and 5) as a result of Board member Hanson’s resignation, a new Board member be assigned to the Committee.

4.e. General Manager Report – The reader is referred to the Board Meeting Packet for information and updates on: 1) AGC activity, 2) Community enforcement data, 3) Owner communications, 4) TCTC events and club usage data, 5) BrightView Landscape reports, and 6) Engineering project updates. It was noted that conversion of the Canyon9 golf course to use by residents and/or guests only will become effective May 1st.

5.  Financials –  No financials were included within the Board Meeting Packet.

6.  Unfinished Business

6.a.  Legal Updates  –  Nothing new to report on the Somersett Development Company Rockery Wall lawsuit. With regard to the recently filed lawsuit against the SOA by Wits LL and Preston Homes LLC, the SOA Attorney Letter of April 14th, contained the following:

“SOA was recently served with a lawsuit filed by Wits, LLC and Preston Homed, LLC in late December, 2020 (both entities have common ownership), in which it is alleged, among other things, that Ryder Homes of Northern Nevada, Inc has constructed a retaining wall that intrudes upon an as yet undeveloped lot owned by Wits. In addition to Ryder Homes, SOA, Manhard Consulting, LLS and Versagrade Inc. are named in the lawsuit. SOA has tendered the defense of this action to its insurance company, but there has yet to be a decision as to whether coverage will be provided. WRSSR has obtained an extension to respond to the action to May 14,2021, pending the insurance company’s decision regarding coverage.”

SU Note:  See SU’s previous post of April 20th entitled “Preston Homes Lawsuit Against the SOA” for a copy of the actual Complaint filed with the Court,

6.b.  1880 Dove Mountain Common and Slope Repair, and 6.c. Snack Bar Update  –  No supporting info included within the Board Meeting Packet on these agenda items.  Perhaps just a carryover discussion from the previous Board meeting.

7.  New Business

7.a  Village at the Greens Common Area Turnover  –  The Developer of the Greens at Town Center has apparently completed all “punch list” items and is requesting the conveyance of its designated common area property to the SOA.  For those interested, Deed information and some accompanying Engineering Reports are contained within the Board Meeting Packet

7.b.  Proganix Soil Proposal for “The Cut” Hill Side Stabilizer  –  No supporting information contained within the Board Meeting Packet.  Therefore, difficult to determine if this is a discussion only or action item.

SU Note:  Per Nevada Law NRS 116-31068 4(b):  “The agenda for a meeting of the units’ owners must consist of: (b) A list describing the items on which action may be taken and clearly denoting that action may be taken on those items ……”.  Therefore, in an apparent CYA statement, the Association has taken to include the following statement for all agenda items, regardless of the intent: “Action May Be Taken On Listed items – and all other items properly related thereto”.

7.c.  Pool Equipment Proposal  –  A proposal from Lee Joseph Inc. in the amount of $12.091.67 for miscellaneous pieces of TCTC pool equipment (e.g., heaters, sensors, pumps).

7.d.  TCTC Server Upgrade Proposal  –  A proposal from Winxnet LLC (“Logically”) in the amount of $20,932.20 (Labor $9936.00, Hardware $8540.89, Software $1602.00, Taxes & Shipping $853.31). to update the SOA’s server infrastructure.  Update includes replacement of two existing servers with a single host and migrating all server roles and content to the new system.

7.e.  Review of Approved Plants and Mulches Used in Somersett  – No supporting information contained within the Board Meeting Packet for this agenda item. Same comment as in agenda item 7.b.

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