Management Options Study -Consulting Services Agreement

In SU’s previous post “SOA Management Options Study” a reference was made to the Consulting Services Agreement the SOA entered into with Nancy Kerry to perform the subject study. At that time SU did not have a complete copy of the Agreement and advised it would be posted on this website when obtained.

Having now obtained a copy, the SOA agreement with Ms. Kerry may be accessed via the following link:

Nancy Kerry SOA Consulting Services Agreement

One thought on “Management Options Study -Consulting Services Agreement

  1. This is a poorly worded contract, The contract says the payment will not exceed $6000 and the $6000 will be paid monthly. Clearly leaves the impression that the total payment to the consultant will be $6000. The attachemnt says $6000 per month which is likely the intent of the agreement.

    Second the contract does not specify a term of service. Is SOA hiring a consuktant for 3 months or 3 years. Surely a consultant with this backgraound can give an estimate of how many months this work will require. $6000/month for X months. If it takes longer the contract can be amended.

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