June 30th SOA Board Meeting

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Following is the Agenda for the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting to be held at The Club at Town Center (TCTC) at 5:30 PM on Wednesday, June 30th. Owners may participate either in person  or via “Zoom” videoconference. Video access instructions are available on the Meeting Agenda.

June 30th BOD Meeting Agenda

The Board Meeting Packet providing background information on some of the above Agenda items is available on the SOA Website (www.somersett.org) under the SOA Documents/Board Documents/2021 page links.  Following is a listing of the June 30th agenda items with comments noted:

3.  May 26th, 2021 BOD Meeting Minutes

The Board Meeting Packet referenced above contains a draft summary of the May 26th Board meeting minutes.  However, for an alternate version, one is directed to SU’s previous post of May 30 th entitled “May 26th SOA Board Meeting Recap”.

4.  Committee Reports

4.a. Budget & Finance, 4.c. Strategic and Facilities, and 4.d. West Park Garden  –  No reports from these Committees were contained in the Board Meeting Packet

4.b. Communications  –  Listed the following accomplishments: 1) Future of Management in Somersett posted on Website, 2) Resident Advertisers have signed up and revenue stream started, 3) Photo contest completed, 4) Technology Audit approved and will start in July, and 5) Improved notification and processing of irrigation problems link to BrightView Committee. Committee recommendations included approval of Paul Taybi as a Committee member and the formation of an “Advisory Committee” to carry out the “Technology Audit”.  (Note: No information as to the purpose/objective of the Technology Audit was contained in the report). Also, advised that John Tozzi has resigned from the Committee and will be seeking new members.

4.e.  Communuty Events  –  Listed the following accomplishments: 1) Approved the budget for the July 10th car show, 2) Received outstanding comments from attendees of spring social. 3) Postponed the July 26th Golf Course event due to lack of response from staff at Golf Club, 4) Finalized August 19th wine tasting event details and approved cost/budget, and 5) Booked the band for the December 3rd Holiday/Christmas Kick-off Event. Committee recommended the purchase of new Holiday/Christmas decorations for the upcoming season. Also, proposed the addition of Sue Bartolotti as a Committee member.

4.f.  General Manager Report  –  The reader is referred to the Board Meeting Packet for the usual information and updates on: 1) AGC activity, 2) Community enforcement data, 3) Owner communications, 4) TCTC events and club usage data, 5) maintenance projects, and  6) BrightView Landscape reports.

5.  Financials

The usual 30+ pages of financial data. The reader is referred to the Board Meeting Packet for details.

6.  Unfinished Business

6.a.  Legal Updates  –  Nothing new to report      

6.b.  1880 Dove Mountain  –  No supporting information contained in the Board Meeting Packet for this agenda item. Perhaps just an impromptu update discussion

6.c.  Update on management options study  –  No supporting information contained in Board Meeting Packet for this agenda item. Perhaps just an impromptu update discussion

6.d.  The Club at Town Center Server Replacement Proposal  –  Action on this $21K  proposal from Logically to upgrade the SOA’s server network architecture was tabled at the April 28th Board Meeting. This to address actual need as well as exploring other options such as moving to a “cloud” server architecture.

7.  New Business

7.a.  Security Camera Proposals – Opening of sealed bids for upgrade of TCTC camera system.

7.b.  Clubhouse Phone System Upgrade proposal  –  Evaluation of two related proposals: 1) A proposal from Mitel for their MiCloud Connect telephony communication system, consisting of a one time fee of $600 and a monthly service fee of $357.49, 2) A proposal from PacStates Communications for Cloud Implementation Services estimated at $1890.

7.c.  Proposal for more Dog Waste Stations – In response to owner requests, the Board will consider the installation of additional dog stations (locations TBD) at a cost of $678 (by BrightView) per station.

7.d.  Increase Limit on General Manager P-Card  –  For practicality purposes, the Board will consider a motion to increase the spending limit on the SOA GM’s purchase card.

7.e.  Updated Procedures for Approving Contracts and Payments on SOA Projects  –  The Board will entertain motions on the formation of new procedures/checklists dealing with SOA projects (i.e., a more beneficial approach to project management)

7.f.  Approval of Letter of Intent to Annex the Parks into Somersett from the City of Reno –  The Board is interested in having more control over the operation and maintenance of the Somersett East and West Parks, which are currently owned and operated by the City of Reno. To achieve this control, the Board is exploring the annexation of both the East and West Parks into the SOA Common Area. Discussions with the City of Reno indicate a receptiveness on their part. Hence the generation of a “Letter of Intent” to the City.  A Memorandum to the Board on this issue and the subsequent Letter of Intent (both composed by Board Member Williams) may be viewed via the following Link:

Parks Annexation Memorandum and Letter of Intent

7.g.  Splitting Strategic Planning from Facilities Committee  –  The Board is considering removal of the SOA Strategic Planning function from the Facilities Committee and to accomplish this function either via a separate Committee or a sub-committee within the Facilities Committee.

7.h.  Proposal for Replacing Trees in Sommersett  –  In January 2021, the Board tabled a proposal from BrightView for the installation of 100 new trees (primarily along the Parkway). This to further assess need, location and tree inventory considerations.  Apparently there has been some complaints from Owners on dead trees, hence this agenda item and the possibility of new motions by the Board.

7.i.  Approval of New Member to AGC Committee  –  There is an opening on the AGC Committee due to the resignation of Rob Jordan. Two Candidates (Clint Maples and Rick Hartmann) have been interviewed by the Board and are under consideration.

7.j.  Fence Extension Proposal  –  A proposal from Tholl Fence in the Amount of $14,343 to install new higher gates and fence pickets at TCTC pool area. This to preclude incidents where individuals have gained access to the Clubhouse and Pool Area by scaling the existing four-foot-high gates.

SU Comments

Agenda Item 7.f dealing with the annexation of the East and West Parks into Somersett should be of significant interest to all owners. Since the vast majority of users of these facilities are most likely Somersett residents, control over their operation by the SOA makes sense. However, it raises the following questions: 1) What additional liabilities would the SOA incur, especially given that public use will most likely still be required by the City? 2) currently the SOA is responsible for landscape and facility maintenance, but SU is under the impression that any future capital improvements are the responsibility of the City (e,g., playground equipment, picnic and bathroom facilities), what would be the financial impact to the SOA? 3) The Somersett CC&R’s require owner approval for acquisition of property into the SOA with a market value in excess of $500K, would that apply in this case?

As always, reader comments on any of the above agenda items are welcome!

One thought on “June 30th SOA Board Meeting

  1. Jim,

    Great article. Informative and supportive.

    Hope you can make the meeting in person.

    Appreciate the effort!


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