June 30th SOA Board Meeting Recap

recap 1
The June 3oth Board Meeting Agenda may be accessed via the following Link:     

June 30th BOD Meeting Agenda

Following is a summary of actions taken by the Board on the referenced agenda items. To listen to Board discussions on these items as well as all others not requiring an action item, one is referred to the “June 30, 2021 audio recording”, located on the SOA Website (www.somersett.org) on the SOA Board and Committees/The Board of Directors page.

Owner comments made at the meeting are also summarized below. Given the quality of the audio recording, SU apologizes for any misstatements.

2. Homeowner Comments

  • A Homeowner commented on the lack of acceptable golf cart parking parking accomodations for those attending the Music on the Green via this mechanism, and requested the Board review how this was handled (apparently acceptable) in the past and initiate procedures to correct this for future events. Also expressed a total unhappiness with owner services provided by First Service Residential in the 10 years they have been the SOA’s professional management firm. Felt they were just using Somersett as a training ground for their employees.
  • A homeowner commented that the slope of the large dog park made it difficult for his older (geriatric) dogs with physical problems to use. Hence he has been using the small dog park (without any problems) and suggested the Board consider this situation and possible solutions.

3. The May 26th, 2021 BOD Meeting Minutes were approved

4. Committee Actions

4.a. Communications – The Board approved the formation of a “Technology Advisory Committee” to carry out a SOA “Technology Audit”. That is, to study and recommend changes to the SOA’s many communication and data systems. The Committee will hold a meeting at TCTC at 10:00 – 11:00 AM on July 6th. Approved Paul Taybi as a Communications Committee member.

4.e. Community Events – Approved Sue Bartolotti as a Committee member.

4.f. General Manager Report – Adopted a policy that for every non-compliance letter written to an owner, two letters of commendation would be written to owners with outstanding features.

5. Financials – Approved the April 30th financial statements.

6. Unfinished Business

6.b. 1880 Dove Mountain – The saga on this slope stabilization project continues! A bid in the amount of $18,985 for some partial slope stabilization work was opened, but tabled and no action taken on it. This to assess how it fits in with other previously received proposals and consideration of other options.

6.c. Update on management options study – “A Future of Management in Somersett” page has been added on the Somersett Website (www.somersett.org) to capture all documentation associated with the activity to re-evaluate SOA management options. The Board accepted SOA consultant Nancy Kerry’s June 30th memorandum to the Board identifying work completed to date on this study. Ms. Kerry summarized the content of the memo, which addressed the solicitation of Association Insurance, Management and Accounting Proposals, as well as some additional services. A copy of this Memorandum may be accessed via the following link:

Consultants Project Update Memo June 2021

6.d. The Club at Town Center Server Replacement Proposal – The Board again tabled action on a $21K vendor proposal for upgrading the TCTC servers, which will be referred to the newly formed Technology Advisory Committee  for a collective evaluation in conjunction with other SOA proposed communication and data system upgrades.

7. New Business

7.a. Security Camera Proposals – The Board opened bids from four vendors for replacement of the security cameras at TCTC. Bids ranged from $46K to $74K (not necessarily apples to apples). The Board moved to take no action on these proposals, but to refer them to the Technology Advisory Committee per item 6.a above.

7.b. Clubhouse Phone System Upgrade Proposal – Same action as for items 6.d. and 7.a above with regard to a vendor proposal for TCTC phone system upgrades.

7.c. Proposal for more Dog Waste Stations – The board rejected the offer by Brightview to install additional dog stations at a cost of $678 per station on the basis that it was too high, with $230 being more reasonable. After much discussion, including the use of owner volunteers to install them, the Board approved a not to exceed $5K budget for additional stations along with an owner survey to help determine preferred locations. Actual number to be installed will depend on cost of materials and method of installation.

7.d. Increase Limit on General Manager P-Card – The Board approved increasing the limit on the SOA General Manager’s Purchase Card (which has category limitations) from $3K/month to $5K/month.

7.e. Updated Procedures for Approving Contracts and Payments on SOA Projects – The Board passed a motion to task the SOA Management Analysis Consultant, Nancy Kerry, to develop a procedure/checklist for the award, implementation and monitoring of SOA Projects. No discussion on whether or not this will be at an additional cost to her current contract.

7.f. Approval of Letter of Intent to Annex the Parks into Somersett from the City of Reno – The Board approved sending a Letter of Intent (non-binding) to the City of Reno with regard to annexation of the Somersett East and West Parks into the SOA. This is the first step in exploring this possibility. A Memorandum to the Board on this issue and the approved letter of Intent may be viewed via the following Link:

Parks Annexation Memorandum and Letter of Intent

7.g. Splitting Strategic Planning from Facilities Committee – The Board approved a motion to remove the SOA strategic planning function from the Facilities Committee and to create a new Strategic Planning Committee initially consisting of 1-2 members from the Finance, Communication and Facilities Committees.

7.h. Proposal for Replacing Trees in Sommersett – The Board approved a $8K BrightView proposal to replace 31 trees reported as dead or dying. The 31 trees represent a combination of evergreen (pine) and deciduous trees.

7.i. Approval of New Member to AGC Committee – Two Candidates (Clint Maples and Rick Hartmann) applied for AGC membership. The Board approved Rick Hartman for AGC membership and pre-approved Clint Maples for membership on the Facilities Committee if interested.

7.j. Fence Extension Proposal – Approved a proposal from Tholl Fence in the Amount of $12,280 to install new 8 ft gates and fence pickets at TCTC pool area. This to deter unauthorized entry which has occurred via the existing 4 ft gates.

Homeowner Comments

  • A homeowner expressed concerns and had questions on the following: 1) what criteria the SOA employs in accepting common area turnover from Developers, and 2) future impact on homeowners whose front yards were originally landscaped by developers but no longer comply with AGC standards.
  • A homeowner again raised concerns about speeding on the Somersett Parkway. That the traffic study performed by the SOA was totally inadequate, performed at the wrong locations and needed to be redone. The Board needs to take some serious action here and revisit this issue with the City to solve the problem!
  • A homeowner expressed concerns and had questions on the following: 1) Will the Board replace its missing member with a Sierra Canyon representative, 2) Common Area irrigation system problems, 3) how are the transfer fees going to the SOA on sale of houses being utilized, and 4) suggested joint meetings of Sierra Canyon and SOA committees.
  •  A comment that despite several calls to the Sommersett main telephone number to report a major mainline dripline leak in the Common Area behind her house, the problem still exists. Also, a suggestion that our City Council representative be invited to a meeting here in Somersett to listen to owner concerns.
  • Another comment on Somersett Parkway speeding and tree replacement considerations.

SU Comment:

During the Homeowner Comment section of the meeting, there was a lot of dialog exchange between Board members (to their credit) and commenters on their questions/concerns, which is not captured in the preceding. To appreciate this dialog exchange, one is referred to the audio recording referenced above. Also, the Board is to be congratulated on their patience in not enforcing the 3 minute limit for owner comments. The dialog exchange and limit leniency is a welcome departure from previous Boards.  Hopefully it will not be abused by owners going forward.


5 thoughts on “June 30th SOA Board Meeting Recap

  1. The Somersett Board should always reserve a seat for one Sierra Canyon representative unless no SC owner steps forward as a candidate or to volunteer as a “fill-in” depending on the circumstances.

    1. Both the State and our own governing documents are specific on the requirements for the elections for Board seats. They require a general election across all unit owners voting for candidates for open seats. Sierra Canyon owners have equal representation across those votes and if the vote goes that way then all members of the SOA Board could be SC residents.

      Sierra Canyon also maintains its own Board and those seats are selected solely by Sierra Canyon unit owners.

      We assume that these issues were well studied when the state and the association governing documents were drafted and approved.

  2. Jim,

    Thanks for that coverage and for your thoughtful analysis. It is sometimes difficult to pick up everything from the audio recording and I have a couple of corrections as follows:

    4a. Paul Taybi was not confirmed by the board for the Communications Committee. The Board recommended that Paul might be a better fit for the Facilities Committee based on his experience.

    6b: The Board is waiting on a proposal from Parson’s walls to complete the range of options available for completing the common area slope repair on Dove Mountain Lane. This proposal is expected to be received shortly. The vote was tabled pending the receipt of this information.

    7C: Proposal for Dog stations. The Brightview quote was $678 per station. Simon and Mark observed that these exact stations were available online for just over $200. Bill O’Donnell volunteered to help with installations, since the install is simple with posts pounded 24″ into the turf areas without the need for concrete. The Board, preferring the lower cost option of self-installation approved NTE $5,000 for the installation of more dog stations, subject to a homeowner survey (vote) on the preferred locations. Special thanks to Bill O’Donnell for volunteering to head up this volunteer effort.

    7E: Procedures and protocols to ensure better controls over projects and proposals, awards, inspections, and warranties. The Board asked management consultant Nancy Kerry to develop a plan and recommendations, fitting this project in under her current monthly contract as time allows. Ms. Kerry agreed to do so. No additional funds will be required of the SOA for this effort.

    My general meeting comments:
    It was a refreshing change to have this meeting attended in person, the first time in roughly 15 months and we thank all who attended. Our intention was/is to also provide Zoom coverage, but the Canyon View room where the meeting was held does not yet have Zoom capability, despite recent IT efforts.

    The live format allowed us to judge the number of comments and since there were less than usual more time was given for each and where time allowed, questions were answered, and a dialog was permitted. That said, we must guard against extended dialog that creates long delays in the meeting. The current preferred methodology for the next meeting is to allow 4 minutes for a comment and when time remains allow for board response. If after 4 minutes, if the commenter still needs to speak further or have questions addressed, then a board member will be assigned to speak with the commenter and interested persons after the meeting or at a later date. The Board wishes to involve and respect opinion and input while balancing this with the need to conduct effective governance at Board meetings. We also respectfully request that owners speak only at the beginning or ending homeowner forum and not during the agenda proceedings.

    Thank you Somersett for the chance to serve.

    -Mark Capalongan,
    SOA President

    1. I’ve been absent from this blog but want to comment on the letter of intent for SOA to Annex the East and West Parks. Will this subject the SOA to additional liabilities for accident or injury which could occur in these parks? Will this mean they are no longer open To the public? If SOA becomes owner, could this mean SOA would reimburse City for construction? What is really to be gained by annexing these into SOA?

  3. Thanks for your post-meeting commentary. This clarifies positions stated and your board conclusions. This should be done for all BoD meetings.

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