August 10th SOA Special Board Meeting (Updated to correct item 3 error)


Following is the Agenda for the Special Meeting of the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) to be held at The Club at Town Center (TCTC) at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, August 10st in the Canyon View Room.  For those wishing to participate via Zoom video conferencing, the login passwords are contained within the Agenda document.

August 10th SOA Board Special Meeting Agenda

The Special Meeting Agenda Items are as follows:

 1.  Consider and review the management proposals and identify those that the Board wishes to interview.

One of the Management Options Study objectives was to obtain competitive quotes from a number of HOA Professional Management Companies. At the July 21st Board Meeting, the Board opened sealed bids from the following six companies.

    • First Service Residential
    • Associa Sierra North
    • CAMco HOA management
    • Eugene Burge Management Corporation
    • The Management Trust
    • Taylor Association Management

Action on the above proposals were deferred to a subsequent Board meeting to allow time for the generation of a matrix of comparable features and fees to assist in the evaluation process. The intent being to narrow down the field, who will then be brought in for interviews.  The results of this review process are contained within the following report, prepared by the SOA’s Management Consultant, Nancy Kerry.

Review of Management Proposals

In the proposal submittal process, our current management company, FirstService Residential (FSR) was requested to submit answers to some supplemental questions.  These may be accessed via the following:

FSR Supplemental Answers to proposal

SU Note:  Apparently the Taylor Association Management proposal addressed a hybrid approach to Association management in the event the Board is interested in pursuing a combination of  internal and external management elements. At the last Board Meeting the Board President expressed a strong interest in this approach, such that SU expects they will make the short list.

2.  Review Insurance Proposals

An option under consideration by the Board is to convert to an internal management structure (i.e., as opposed to the hiring of a professional management company). This option would obviously require a re-structured Association insurance policy. Hence, the request for quotes from various insurance companies for such a scenario.

 3.  Approve Brightview’s proposal to extend their contract on a month-to-month basis after September 1st.

Given the Boards decision to go out for competitive landscaping bids rather than renew the BrightView contract, which is up on August 31st, extension on a month-to-month basis will be required.

The above linked documents were extracted from the Board Meeting Packet and are included here for convenience. The reader is also referred to the “Future of Management in Somersett” page on the SOA website (, for a listing of published documents (past and present) related to the Management Options Study.

One thought on “August 10th SOA Special Board Meeting (Updated to correct item 3 error)

  1. On Item 3, a clarification:
    The Brightview landscape contract expires on August 31, 2021 and the Board will be considering extending this on a month to month basis while it is being put out for competitive bid.

    The FSR Management Contract does not expire until the December 31, 2021.

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