August 25th SOA Board Meeting

BOD Agenda 2

Following is the Agenda for the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting to be held at The Club at Town Center (TCTC) at 5:30 PM on Wednesday, August 25th in the Canyon View Room.  Attendance may be either in person or via Zoom videoconference.  Zoom log-in instructions are available on the Meeting Agenda under “Join via Zoom”

August 25th BOD Meeting Agenda

The Board Meeting Packet for the August 25th Board meeting was not yet available on the SOA website at the time of this posting.  However, SU fully expects that one will be published prior to the meeting. For this, the reader is referred to the SOA Documents/Board Documents/2021 page link on the SOA website (

Comments on Agenda Items follow:

4.0  Committee Reports:

Regarding the Committee Reports (i.e., Budget & Finance, Communications, Strategic & Facilities, West Park Garden, Community Events and General Manager), these appear on every Board Meeting Agenda as place holders that may or may not be commented on.

5.  Financials:

Most likely just the standard Treasurers Report and monthly financial statements. The reader is referred to the Board Meeting Packet referenced above for details.

SU Note: It has been reported that the SOA Board Treasurer, Simon Baker, has placed his house on the Market. If so, hopefully he will be relocating within Somersett. If not, we will miss his service as Treasurer, which has been excellent.

6.  Unfinished Business:

a.  Legal Update –  SU does not anticipate any new news here. That is, no closure on the Preston Homes Lawsuit or any new legal actions against the SOA to report.

b.  1880 Dove Mountain –  After the ridiculous passage of time to settle this hillside stabilization issue, perhaps closure is finally on the horizon.

c.  SOA Management Consultant Update –  The SOA Management Consultant, Nancy Kerry, has published the following update on the SOA Website (click on to view):

Memo, SOA Managements Options Overview, August 25th Board Meeting

7.  New Business:

a.  Gate Code Discussion – No info yet available on what this discussion entails

b.  Rock Wall Monitoring Proposal –  For years now the SOA has been paying Engineering firms to monitor some suspect rockery walls for movement. Given the loss of the SOAs lawsuit against Somersett Development Company et al, is it now time to stop this practice, especially given that no significant movements have been encountered?

c.  Lap Pool and Spas Resurfacing Proposals –  Speaks for itself

d.  Approval of Charters for Newley Formed Technology Advisory and Strategic Planning Committees –  At the June 30th Board meeting, the Board approved formation of two new Committees: 1) a Technology Advisory Committee to carry out a SOA “Technology Audit”, that is, to study and recommend changes to the SOA’s many communication and data systems, and 2) a Strategic Planning Committee, which will be separated out from the current Strategic and Facilities Committee. Given that the SOA Website does not currently identify these new Committees or their membership, it is not known if members have already been established or are being solicited.  However, one may always access the SOA Website Committees page and fill out the “Application to Join a Committee”.

e.  Discussion and Selection of SOA Future Management – This Item is a  result of the August 10th SOA Special Board Meeting, wherein the Board met to “Consider and review the management proposals and identify those that the Board wishes to interview”, which was recapped in the following SOA Post of August 12th:

           August 10th SOA Special Board Meeting Recap

Now that the Board has gone through its “due diligence” in addressing future management options, SU believes the option selection is obvious, if not preordained. That is, the selection of Taylor Management as a professional management company to assist the Board in transitioning the SOA to a self-managed Association. A decision for renewal of the FirstService Residential contract or selection of any other professional management company, would come as a major surprise to SU.