September 8th SOA Special Board Meeting


The Somersett Owners Association (SOA) has called for a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors (Board) to be held at 5:30 PM on Wednesday, September 8th in the Canyon View Room at The Club at Town Center (TCTC). The primary purpose being to discuss and take action on items associated with the transition from a professional to self-managed Association. That is, as formally approved at the August 25th Board meeting (see SU post of August 28th – August 25th SOA Board Meeting Recap). Meeting attendance may be either in person or via Zoom videoconference. Zoom log-in instructions are available on the Meeting Agenda following “Join Zoom Meeting”.

September 8th SOA Special Board Meeting Agenda

The Board Meeting Packet was not yet available on the SOA website at the time of this posting. However, SU fully expects that one will be published prior to the meeting. For this, the reader is referred to the SOA Documents/Board Documents/2021 page link on the SOA website (

Agenda Items and Comments follow:

1. Update and Discussion Regarding Transition – Since the SOA Management Consultant, Nancy Kerry, has been chartered with overall management of the transition process, SU anticipates that Ms. Kerry will be providing a status update on what has transpired since the August 25th Board Meeting.

2. Ratification of Agreement with Taylor Management – At the August 25th Board meeting, the Board voted to accept the Taylor Management proposal to contract with the Association on a “hybrid” basis while transitioning to a self-managed structure. It would appear that an Agreement has been reached.

3. Agreement with Village Management Software (VMS) – Given that the SOA is moving to self-management, a suite of HOA property management tools will require purchasing by the SOA. From this agenda item it appears that the Board has decided to go with Village Management Software (check them out at, which is also the software utilized by Taylor Management. Without access to VMS’s pricing data, SU is not sure whether or not Competitive quotes will be required.

4. Payroll Processing Discussion and Possible Agreement – Unknown what Payroll Service Companies the Board is considering (i.e., to accommodate SOA direct employees) and whether it will include HR services as well. Same comment as for Item 3 above regarding pricing and competitive quotes.

5. Review and Approval of Lap Pool and Spa Resurfacing Proposal – This is a tabled action item from the August 25th Board meeting (See SU post of August 28th – August 25th SOA Board Meeting Recap – third bullet under New Business), wherein the Board needed clarification from the Washoe County Health Department as to whether or not resurfacing of the TCTC Lap Pool was required for the 2022 season. Note that although several vendors were requested to submit quotes, only one was received in the amount of $39,700 for the Lap Pool and $15,605 for the two Spas.

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