September 22nd SOA Board Meeting

BOD Agenda 2

Following is the Agenda for the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting to be held at The Club at Town Center (TCTC) at 5:30 PM on Wednesday, September 22nd in the Canyon View Room. Attendance may be either in person or via Zoom videoconference. Zoom log-in instructions are contained on the Meeting Agenda under “Join via Zoom”

September 22nd BOD Meeting Agenda

The Board Meeting Packet for the September 22nd Board meeting is available on the SOA website ( under the SOA Documents/Board Documents/2021 page link. Some extractions from the Board Packet are included in the following Agenda Item comments.

Comments on Agenda Items follow:

3.  August 25th and September 8th, 2021 Meeting Minutes

The reader is referred to the Board Meeting Packet for the SOA draft meeting minutes, However, for a more complete recap of these meetings, the reader is directed to the following SU posts:

September 8th SOA Special Board Meeting Summary
August 25th SOA Board Meeting Recap

4.  Committee Reports

4.a.  Budget & Finance – No information contained in the Board packet. The Board Treasurer, Simon Baker, usually provides a verbal update.

4.b.  Communications – See the following link: Communications Committee Report

4.c.  Strategic and Facilities – See the following link:  Facilities Committee Report.  (Note: This is now just a Facilities Committee with a new Strategic Planning Committee having been formed, but not yet included as an Agenda item).

4.d.  West Park Garden – See the following link: Community Garden Committee Report

4.e.  Community Events – See the following link:  Events Committee Report  (Note: report contains an updated Calendar of Events)

4.d.  General Manager – The reader is referred to the Board Meeting Packet for this multi-page report providing information and updates on: 1) AGC activity, 2) Community enforcement data, 3) Owner communications, 4) TCTC events and club usage data, 5) Maintenance projects, and 6) BrightView landscape reports.

5.  Financials

The usual 30+ pages of Association financial data. The reader is referred to the Board Meeting Packet on the SOA website for details.

6.  Unfinished Business

6.a.  Legal Updates – The following quote from the September 10th SOA Attorney letter to the Board regarding the Rockery Wall lawsuit: “On August 25,2021, the Nevada Supreme Court’s Judgement and July 29, 2021 Opinion was filed in the lower court. On September 7, 2021 the Nevada Supreme Court filed its Remittitur returning the case to the lower court. To date the opposing parties have not filed a memorandum if costs”. Not sure what impact this filing has on the SOA, as it has been previously reported that, in light of the SOA loosing its appeal, no more legal funds would be spent and that the SOA was not responsible for reimbursement of any of the Defendant’s legal fees.

6.b.  1880 Dove Mountain – No supporting information contained in the Board Meeting Packet for this long lingering hillside stabilization project. Perhaps just an impromptu update discussion.

6.c.  SOA Management Consultant Update – Usually consists of the SOA Management Consultant, Nancy Kerry, providing a status report on the SOA management transition process. Will most likely include items from the following report:

Transition Coordinator Update, September 10, 2021

6.d.  Agreement with Village Management Software (VMS) – The Management Company ,Taylor Associates, contracted for by the SOA as part of the Transition process, utilizes VMS Accounting and Project Management software to carry out their business. Since these functions will eventually be ported over to the SOA, a separate agreement with VMS is required. For those interested, a copy of the proposed Agreement (at a cost of $1580/month) is available via the following link.

Village Management Software Agreement

7.  New Business

7.a.  Receive and Open Landscaping Bids and Proposals – It is anticipated that the Board will be opening bids from Brightview, Reno Green and Reliance Grounds Management.

7.b.  Review and Approval of 2020 Audit – For a reading of the SOA’s 2020 financial audit report (all 40 pages of it) by Hilburn and Lein CPA’s, the reader is referred to the Board Meeting Packet available on the SOA website. The report contained the following Opinion: “In our opinion, the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material aspects, the financial position of Somersett Owners Association as of December31, 2020, and the results of its operations and its cash flows for the year then ended in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.”

7.c.  Review and approval of Common Area Easement – This item apparently involves the SOA granting a permeant Easement of SOA common area property to the owners at 1772 Fairway Hills Trail. That is, a parcel of SOA land adjacent to the rear of their property. This “for the purpose of fencing in the Easement and installing landscaping, a patio, and other improvements in the Easement Area for the sole use of the Dominant Tenement”. Sounds like the owners at 1772 Fairway Hills Trail want to add 1,062 sq. ft. To their back yard. If this is the case why not sell it to them? A description (picture) of the property in question and a copy of the Grant Deed is available in the Board Meeting Packet on the SOA website.

7.d.  Approval of Common Area Turnover from Ryder Homes – Ryder Homes has apparently sufficiently completed their SBE development to warrant turnover of common areas to the SOA. Hopefully the SOA will do the proper inspections and review all documentation prior to acceptance. A description of the areas to be turned over are contained in the Board Meeting Packet available on the SOA website.

7.e.  Review and Approval of SOA Management Staffing and Transition Plan – An item of significant interest to all Somersett owners. The submitted Transition Plan identifies responsibilities, actions and schedules associated with the following focus areas: Project Management, Financial Systems, Information and Security Systems, Organization and Staffing and Community Engagement. Also, included are proposed salary schedules and a recommendation to hire Unique HR as the SOA’s HR and Payroll Services provider. This is the first mention of Unique HR as a SOA vendor and no cost data was included within the Board Meeting Packet. SU does not believe that any competitive proposals were obtained. See the following link for a copy of the SOA Transition and Salary Plan:

SOA Transition and Salary Plan

7.f.  Review and Approval of Consulting Agreement with Lorrie Olson – At the previous Board meeting a recommendation was made by the SOA Management Consultant, Nancy Kerry, to employ Ms. Olson to assist in the transition process, as there is much to be done in a short period of time. Ms. Olsen has extensive HOA management experience and has served as the Community Manager for the Caughlin Ranch HOA. Following is a copy of the proposed Agreement, compensation is capped at $1500/week and would be based on Board approved work completion.

Agreement for Consulting Services

7.g.  Proposal to Install Divider Netting between Courts – To prevent balls from intruding on adjacent courts, installation of a screened divider between the SOA’s two tennis courts has been recommenced by the Facilities Committee, with a budget not to exceed $3,000.

8 thoughts on “September 22nd SOA Board Meeting

  1. I want a 2000 sq ft Common Area easement from the HOA for my personal use. If 1772 Fairway Hills Trail can have one then everyone should get a Common Area easement.

    1. Sure. But first you’d need to have a pipeline easement running next to your yard, have an orphaned slice of substandard common area which was turned over to the SOA without acceptance, be willing to take on neglected landscaping, dead trees, a failing retaining wall, and slope stabilization. You’d also be solely responsible for maintaining said slope stability that has been problematic for years. If you took on those legal responsibilities as a condition of the easement then the Board *may* consider your request, provided there are extenuating circumstances not generally found to pertain to most lots.

      1. Mark,

        Some good points, but are they all applicable? The pipeline may run adjacent to their property, but has no bearing on the requested easement area. If it did there would be no way this request could be approved. A look at the area in question does not reveal any failing retaining wall. In fact there is an existing block wall that appears to have been previously installed (by the Association?) to alleviate hillside erosion. Therefore a current hillside stabilization problem does not appear to exist, so why the pressing need for the easement?

        1. I sent you some specific information concerning that lot, including the prior legal agreements which appear to have been neglected. There will be information included in the Board packet and this homeowner will be invited to speak to the specifics.

          Let’s consider ALL the information before we make a decision which will provide maximum benefit the SOA: legal, practical, economic. Only then can we make an informed decision. Hope you attend.

  2. The homeowner is aware of the property, its boundarys, easements etc. at time of purchase. The documents included in the ‘transfer’ packet should include all governing documents (cc&rs,PUD, aesthetic Guidelines ) and any disclosures. If homeowner increases size of property then the. county assessor should be aware and property taxes should increase? This sounds like another potential Pandora’s Box and request should be denied.

    1. The the property owner can be angry when the easement holder needs or requires access and tears up the easement and improvements. Ah, but then it will be the SOA’s problem when the property owner demands SOA remediation of the issue. But then again, just do it, the SOA can annex another piece of public property to maintain. At the very least one homeowner will be happier…that is the goal last I heard.

  3. I would like to invite any homeowner interested in the FACTS to attend the open Board meeting on October 13th where this will be discussed. Gathering the facts can be more difficult than spreading rumor, but it’s what responsible people do.

    Thank you in advance.

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