2021 SOA BOD Candidates

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Four candidates have submitted their applications to run for the for the two open Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Director (BOD) positions.

Candidate statements, resumes and pictures have been published on the SOA website (www.somersett.org) under the “SOA Board and Committees” link and are repeated below for the convenience of our readers:

Clint Maples           Clint Maples Candidate Statement and Resume

Anna Oleo Moger            Anna Olea Moger Candidate Statement and Resume

Plete Platt            Pete Platt Candidate Statement and Resume

Barney Siri            Barney Siri Candidate Statement

Candidate Statements and Ballots will be mailed to Association Members no later than October 15th. These must be received at the SOA no later than 1:00 PM on November 15th (i.e., date of the Annual Members Meeting).

Ballots will be counted at the Annual Members Meeting to be held a The Club at Town Center (TCTC) from 4:00–6:00 PM on November 15, 2021. The successful candidates will be announced at the Meeting.

A “Meet the Candidates Night” will be held at TCTC from 6:00-8:00 PM on October 26th. Candidates will be asked a series of relevant questions prepared by the Communications Committee, along with their own opening and closing statements. Time will also be allotted for responding to questions posed by attendees. For those not wishing to attend in person, this session will also  be available to via Zoon Videoconferencing.

Given that the submitted Candidate Statements were limited to one page, this forum is open to any candidate who may wish to expand on their qualifications and purpose for seeking a Board position. (Note: Board candidate Barney Siri apparently did not include a supplemental one page statement with his submittal. SU believes this will put him at a disadvantage when owners receive their ballot package. Perhaps it is still time to get it included within the Ballot package). Candidates wishing to post expanded statements on SU may do so by email to the following address.


As always. reader comments on any of the above candidates are solicited and welcome.

Here We Are In October

The following post submitted by Vince Loving, Association Member

Here we are in October, budget, and election season.

We lost one board member some 8 months ago, due to the attitude and practices of the board, and the SOA board chose to manage their unified voting block by leaving the position open; without any dissenting votes to slow progress…some might call this a rubber stamp for an agenda. Now the greatest asset the board has, the treasurer, is moving to get away from the community…the very last voice of reason on the board (so go the optics).

It seems an eternity since Somersett mistakenly voted for a 3 block of candidates running as one, sadly, the level of apathy throughout the community ensured that fewer than 900 homeowners voted, and the 3 amigos took their vote/election as confirmation that all 3500 homeowners wanted to turn the rules upside down. The apathy continues and grows.

As these three cowboys rode roughshod over everything that is Somersett, it was certainly interesting to see three homeowners, with less than a year (collectively) as residents of Somerset, that disliked so much about Somerset. In fact, one member didn’t even have a certificate of occupancy from the city until 3 weeks after the election.

We hear statements like “Somersett should be happier” and “Somersett should have more of a resort feel” leaving those without the rose-colored glasses asking ourselves “Why did they move here if they hate what it is?”

Prior to the current board, Somersett had its share of issues with board members who had conflicts of interest, like serving on the SOA and the country club boards simultaneously and an abundance of terrible legal advice from the firm the community retained as legal counsel. But we dealt with the issues and moved on…voted the conflicts off the board and moved on.

One current starry-eyed member of the board, wanted to gate the community while he was running for office. The same starry-eyed member seems to want to annex property from the city as communal area at any and every turn. The same member thinks we should foot the bill for another pool because the current pool is too crowded 5 or 6 weekends a year, after all, it is only another $250,000 or so, why wouldn’t we do it? The community has deep pockets, and we are still only millions deep in debt, for the TCTC, as it currently stands…why wouldn’t we spend money we don’t have for something we don’t need? If it’s too crowded, build your own pool and eliminate the need to use the overly crowded community pool.

And then there is the current RFP for landscape services. “We didn’t rubber stamp the renewal from Brightview” …Bravo! Unfortunately, we have allowed the previous contractor to bid on this RFP…despite the fact they planted trees in plastic nursery containers and cost the SOA somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 trees…despite the tumult over curb-dings from that same group plowing snow…despite the mess that Brightview is still trying to resolve with our irrigation after two full years on the job. But if the board had more experience in the community, they would have immediately disqualified the Reno Green bid before opening it. Ah, but you get what you pay for!

Oh, but wait, we can replace all the grass along Somersett Parkway with synthetic turf for $700K and save replacing a 20-year-old irrigation system for $1M, never mind that we still need to replace the irrigation system to support the other greenery, which ultimately brings the project in at $1.7M. This is the approach to project management that only a former politician can design.

Now the budget is in front of us, there is a proposed $3/month increase for common areas, the same common areas that these cowboys wanted to annex from the city. One truly must wonder why you would want to annex a liability from the city that our taxes already pay for. It may be prudent to look at cutting back on the $35K budget for the party planning committee and focus on charging a fee for activities and events that a few residents participate in, rather than charging us all.

We all have access to TCTC, and we all have access to Canyon 9, but what do we really get from the SOA? Seriously, we are kept in debt. The last management company we had (to be gone October 31) grew weary of the constant brow-beating the board gave them rather than managing the vendor more closely. The board lost sight of their responsibility…managing the vendors. Instead, we get crocodile tears over how much work it is to be on the board, yet the 3 cowboys have made the board membership a full-time job,” Poor me, this is a 40-50 hour a week job”, to which I say, “This is your own doing, no one else”.

Oddly enough, the 3 cowboys believe and tout that our values are going up fast due to their intervention in the day-to-day of the SOA, perhaps they don’t understand real estate and the current boom market? Homes are selling everywhere in Nevada in the first 3 days, and most frequently for “over asking”.

November 2022 cannot come fast enough for many of us, once these 3 are out of office, only then will divergent opinion be valued again. Only then will irresponsible spending be quelled.