2021 SOA BOD Candidates

elections 2

Four candidates have submitted their applications to run for the for the two open Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Director (BOD) positions.

Candidate statements, resumes and pictures have been published on the SOA website (www.somersett.org) under the “SOA Board and Committees” link and are repeated below for the convenience of our readers:

Clint Maples           Clint Maples Candidate Statement and Resume

Anna Oleo Moger            Anna Olea Moger Candidate Statement and Resume

Plete Platt            Pete Platt Candidate Statement and Resume

Barney Siri            Barney Siri Candidate Statement

Candidate Statements and Ballots will be mailed to Association Members no later than October 15th. These must be received at the SOA no later than 1:00 PM on November 15th (i.e., date of the Annual Members Meeting).

Ballots will be counted at the Annual Members Meeting to be held a The Club at Town Center (TCTC) from 4:00–6:00 PM on November 15, 2021. The successful candidates will be announced at the Meeting.

A “Meet the Candidates Night” will be held at TCTC from 6:00-8:00 PM on October 26th. Candidates will be asked a series of relevant questions prepared by the Communications Committee, along with their own opening and closing statements. Time will also be allotted for responding to questions posed by attendees. For those not wishing to attend in person, this session will also  be available to via Zoon Videoconferencing.

Given that the submitted Candidate Statements were limited to one page, this forum is open to any candidate who may wish to expand on their qualifications and purpose for seeking a Board position. (Note: Board candidate Barney Siri apparently did not include a supplemental one page statement with his submittal. SU believes this will put him at a disadvantage when owners receive their ballot package. Perhaps it is still time to get it included within the Ballot package). Candidates wishing to post expanded statements on SU may do so by email to the following address.


As always. reader comments on any of the above candidates are solicited and welcome.

2 thoughts on “2021 SOA BOD Candidates

  1. Hi, I am a new member of the community and would like to submit my application as well. Could you please help with understanding the next steps? (If it’s not too late)

    Thank you, Olena

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