October 13th SOA Board Meeting

BOD Agenda 3

Following is the Agenda for the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting to be held at The Club at Town Center (TCTC) at 5:30 PM on Wednesday, October 13th. Attendance may be either in person or via Zoom Video Conference. Zoom log-in instructions are contained on the Meeting Agenda under “Join Meeting via Zoom”

October 13, 2021 Board Meeting Agenda

The Board Meeting Packet for the October 13th Board meeting is available on the SOA website (www.somersett.org) under the SOA Documents/Board Documents/2021 page link. Some extractions from the Board Meting Packet are included in the following Agenda Item comments.

Comments on Agenda Items:

4. Committee Reports:

a. Budget & Finance – No report contained in the Board Meeting Packet. The Board Treasurer, Simon Baker, usually provides a verbal update.

b. Communications – See the following link:  October Communication Committee Report

c. Strategic & Facilities – See the following link:  October Facilities Committee Report

d. West Park Garden – No report contained in the Board Meeting Packet

e. Community Events – See the following link:  October Events Committee Report

f. Technology Advisory – See the following link: October Technology Committee Report

5. Financials: The usual 30+ pages of Association financial data. The reader is referred to the Board Meeting Packet on the SOA website for details.

6. Unfinished Business:

a. Legal Updates – Nothing new to report on the Preston Homes lawsuit against Ryder Homes and four others (including the SOA), which is being handled by the SOA’s insurance company. As previously reported, the SOA’s rockery wall lawsuit against the Somersett Development Company et al. is essentially over and done with, except the following as reported in the October 1, 2021 SOA Attorney letter: “On July 29, 2021, the Nevada Supreme Court denied the Association’s appeal. The Defendants still have a short time period in which to file an itemized and verified bill of costs, which likely will be less than a thousand dollars. If that is timely filed, the Association will have to pay such costs and the case will be over. If the defendants do not timely file such motion the case will be over”. From the amount referenced, SU assumes this pertains to miscellaneous court costs and not legal costs.

b. SOA Transition Update – An update on the SOA Management Transition status to be presented by the Association’s Transition Coordinator, Nancy Kerry.

c. Review and Approval of Common Area Easement – A carryover item from the the September 22nd Board meeting wherein a Somersett Owner is requesting the SOA to grant an exclusive non-revocable personal use easement to the SOA property adjacent to the rear of his lot. Apparently the Owner will be addressing the Board on this request. For background information see the following link:  Michel Burke Easement Request Letter

7. New Business:

a. Review Information Systems Equipment Analysis, and authorize equipment and software purchases  –  A review of the Technology Review Committee recommendations. See the following link;  Report to the SOA Board from the Advisory Technology Committee

b. Review and Approve Security Camera and Phone System  –  A subset of the Technology Review Committee Report referenced in item 7.a. above.  It is not clear as to what, if anything, is to be approved at this time.

c. Unanimous Written Consent #81 Rock Wall Proposal from Parsons Walls  –  Represents an acknowledgement of a $47,750 proposal from Parsons for installation of a rockery wall to resolve the common area slop erosion behind 1880 Dove Mountain Court, which was approved via the Unanimous Written Consent Process. Note that this process is generally applied when timing constraints prevent delaying approvals until the next Board meeting.

d. 2022 General Common, TCTC, Gates & Town Square Budgets – The Board Packet contains the final proposed 2022 budgets for Board approval. For a summary overview, see the previous SU Post of August 8th entitled:  “SOA 2022 Budget Presentation”.

e. 2022 General Common, TCTC & Gates Reserve Study Updates – The Board Packet contains an update (dated September 2, 2021) of the Browning Reserve Group’s Reserve Studies for each of the three SOA Cost Centers (i.e., Common Area, TCTC and Gates). Results projected for 2022 show reserve funding levels as follows: Common Area – 61.0%, TCTC – 46.4%, Gates – 95.8%. Not sure why TCTC has dropped down to 46.4%, but should be looked by the Board. While there is no Nevada requirement for reserve funding levels, and those in the 40-50% range can be considered adequate, a general rule of thumb is that 70% is considered “strong” and a desired level of achievement.

f. Review and Approve Appointment of Nancy Kerry for the position of Community Manager – Just a formality as the Board has already announced their intention of hiring Nancy Kerry (currently serving as the SOA’s Transition Coordinator) as the Association’s Community Manager.

g. Review and Approve Agreement with UniqueHR for comprehensive personnel services – At the September 22nd Board Meeting, The Board approved moving forward with Unique HR as the Association’s new HR and Payroll Services provider. However, the Board Packet also contains proposals from ADP and Nevada Payroll Services. It appears these proposals were obtained as an afterthought to compare with UniqueHR. Although there are large price differences, they apparently are not considered comparable to UniqueHR and it is anticipated the Board will approve the Unique HR Agreement. See the following memo from the SOA’s Transition Coordinator Nancy Kerry:  Agreement with UniqueHR

h. Policy Review – The Board Packet contains copies of the existing Collection, Compliance and Expense & Investment Policies with no identified changes. Therefore, not sure what changes are under consideration, if any. Also included are proposed  Personnel Policies (i.e., Paid Time Off, Holidays and Retirement) for those full and part time Association employees after November 1, 2021. See the following link:  Association Personnel Policies