October 13th SOA Board Meeting Recap

recap 1

Following is a summary of discussions and actions taken by the Board at the October 13th Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board Meeting. The Meeting Agenda may be accessed below. For background information on some of the agenda items see SU’s previous post of October 9, 2021 entitled “October 13th SOA Board Meeting”.

October 13, 2021 Board Meeting Agenda

A summary of Board actions/discussion on agenda items follow:

2. Homeowner Comments:

There were no homeowner comments pertaining to agenda items

3. September 22, 2021 Meeting Minutes

The September 22nd BOD Meeting Minutes were approved. See SU post of September 25, 2021 “September 22nd SOA Board Meeting Recap” for a more detailed look at what transpired.

4. Committee Reports:

a. Budget & Finance – The Finance Committee recommended approval of the August Financial Statements

b. Communications – A summary of Communication Committee activities was reported on. These included:

      • Questions to Board Member candidates for “Candidate Night” (October 26) response have been developed and forwarded to the candidates.
      • Committee is working on the preparation of emergency documents (e.g., what to do in case of emergencies) as required by OSHA. These will address: 1) a Board Level Plan, 2) a TCTC Plan and 3) Resident Information.
      • Vendor adds on the SOA website are generating $5-10K in revenue.
      • Bill Shollenberger was recommended for and subsequently approved as a member of the Communications Committee

c. Strategic & Facilities – Committee is working on a variety of TCTC projects including: 1) ordering the previously approved tennis court dividers, 2) interior lighting improvements, 3) background music for the main floor (Board member O,Donnell had some comments/suggestions on what to consider for this project), 4) pool deck expansion and installation of shade sails, 5) kitchen revamping, and 6) gym space alterations and free weight additions.

d. West Park Garden – No report

e. Community Events – The Committee requested $10,000 for TCTC holiday decorations and some minor furniture repairs. This was approved with funds being re-allocated from the snack bar improvement project, which came in way under budget.

f. Technology Advisory – The reader is refereed to the following “October Report to the SOA Board from the Advisory Technology Committee” for a summary of projects the Committee is working on, which include improvements to the following: 1) Camera and communication systems for both TCTC and Security Gates, 2) Server and Internet access systems, 3) the Phone system, and 4) the Point of Sale system, wherein the Committee recommends switching to Square POS and requiring “cash free” transactions for all SOA activities except the payment of assessments. The objective of these projects being to use new technologies to reduce overall costs while improving both service and security, with the Gates camera system being established as the top priority. There was also a discussion on the need for coordinating with the BRAE and The Cliffs Developers on camera installations. Whereas the Board endorsed all of the preceding, no action was taken pending the presentation of actual vendor quotes to act on.

.5.  Financials:

a. Treasurers Report – The SOA Treasurer was not in attendance. The Board President gave the following summary report: 1) Operating Cash $2.4M, 2) Reserves $8.1M, 3) Total Debt $4.0 M and 4) Surplus of revenue over expenditures $898K through August 2021. Regarding item 4) some year end expenses may eat into this number, but a sizeable surplus is anticipated.

b. August Financials – The August financial statements were approved.

6. Unfinished Business:

a. Legal Updates – Nothing new to report on the Preston Homes lawsuit against Ryder Homes and four others (including the SOA), which is being handled by the SOA’s insurance company. This represents the only outstanding lawsuit against the SOA.

b. SOA Transition Update – Nancy Kerry, the SOA’s Management Transition Coordinator, provided an update on some of the transition activities, with the conclusion that all is going well with no significant problems to date, and that all owners will be receiving a transition packet by US Mail in the next few days. She encouraged all to visit the “Transition” Page (Log-in required) on the SOA website (www.somersett.org) for information pertaining to: 1) The October 14th Homeowner Forum, 2) A copy of the Transition Welcome Packet, 3) an ACH Form authorizing electronic payment of Assessments, and 4) FAQ’s about the transition. This page will be updated with forthcoming information. Ms. Kerry advised that the SOA’s accounting system has now been transferred over to Taylor Association Management. If you have account questions, Taylor has a dedicated individual assigned to the SOA, Theresa Garcia, who can be reached at 702-250-3883.

c. Review and Approval of Common Area Easement – A carryover item from the the September 22nd Board meeting wherein a Somersett Owner is requesting the SOA to grant an exclusive non-revocable personal use easement to SOA property adjacent to the rear of his lot. Action was again tabled until the next Board Meeting pending additional information (i.e., land appraisal) from the owner.

7. New Business:

a. Review Information Systems Equipment Analysis, and authorize equipment and software purchases – This was accomplished under Item 4.f. above

b. Review and Approve Security Camera and Phone System – This was accomplished under Item 4.f. above

c. Unanimous Written Consent #81 Rock Wall Proposal from Parsons Walls – Acknowledgement of a proposal from Parsons Walls in the amount of $47,750 that was previously approved via the “Unanimous Written Consent” process. Proposal was for installation of a rockery wall on SOA property adjacent to 1880 Dove Mountain Court. Purpose being for hillside stabilization.

d. 2022 General Common, TCTC, Gates & Town Square Budgets – The 2022 Budget for all three cost centers (Common Area, TCTC, and Gates) were approved with some minor changes from that presented at the October 6th Budget Presentation Meeting, this primarily related to the addition of employee training expenses. Budget mailings to owners will be accomplished by August 27th for ratification at the November 15th Annual Members Meeting.

e. 2022 General Common, TCTC & Gates Reserve Study Updates – The Board approved the Browning Reserve Group’s Reserve Studies for each of the three SOA Cost Centers with a recommendation they be performed earlier in the year to be available prior to starting the 2023 budget review process.

f. Review and Approve Appointment of Nancy Kerry for the position of Community Manager – Nancy Kerry, who is currently serving as the SOA’s Transition Coordinator, was approved for the position of the Association’s Community Manager.

g. Review and Approve Agreement with UniqueHR for comprehensive personnel services – The Board approved Unique HR as the Association’s new HR and Payroll Services provider.

h. Policy Review – This agenda item addresses the periodic review of Association Policies. Those under review were the Collection, Compliance and Expense & Investment Policies. The Board had no suggested changes, therefore these will remain as is. New Personnel Policies pertaining to full time and part time SOA employees i.e., “PERSONNEL POLICIES RELATED TO PAID TIME OFF (PTO), HOLIDAYS and RETIREMENT” were amended with regard to forgotten Holidays and approved.

8. Board Meeting Comments:

The Board approved rescheduling the next Board meeting from October 20th to October 27th.

9. Homeowner Comments:

    • A question as to where Zoom Videoconference links to SOA Meetings could be found. Response being that these were included within the meeting notices identified on the SOA Meeting Calendar. The calendar being available on the SOA website via the “SOA Board and Committees/Meeting Calendar” page links
    • A question on whether or not the cameras within the Vue and Villages Sub-Associations are part of the SOA camera upgrade project. The answer being that they are not and are the responsibility of the Sub-Associations.