October 27th SOA Special Board Meeting


The Somersett Owners Association (SOA) has scheduled a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors (Board) to be held at 5:30 PM on Wednesday, October 27th in the Canyon View Room at The Club at Town Center (TCTC). Attendance may be either in person or via Zoom Video Conferencing. Zoom log-in instructions are available on the following Meeting Agenda following the “Join via Zoom” header:

October 27, 2021 Board Meeting Agenda

The Special Meeting Items to be discussed and/or acted on, with comments, follow. Given that a Board Meeting Packet was not yet available at the time of this posting, comments are limited:

a. Review and Approve Policy Regarding Late Fees – Could be just a routine review or some proposed changes.

b. Transition Update: Review/Consideration and Policy/Contractual Amendments for a Smooth Transition to Taylor Association Management  –  At the August 10th Board meeting the Board selected Taylor Association Management as the company to provide services and assist the SOA in its transition from a professional managed to a self managed association. Apparently some amendments to the Taylor agreement are in order.

c. Discussion, Legal Analysis, and Acceptance of Streets and Gates of the Cliffs Subdivision from Toll Brothers – Toll Brothers is proposing turnover of the streets and gates to the SOA for future maintenance. This does not include the subdivisions common areas. Given that development is not yet complete and construction traffic will continue, Toll Brothers will apparently indemnify the SOA against any harm caused by construction traffic.

d. Review and Approval of Holiday Lighting – At the last Board Meeting, $10,000 in funds was approved for the TCTC to cover holiday lighting. Therefore, it is assumed that this item is for common area (e.g., the Parkway) holiday lighting.

e. Review Information Systems Equipment Analysis, and Authorize Equipment and Software Purchases – At the last Board Meeting the Board endorsed the recommendations of the Technology Advisory Committee but took no actions pending receipt of actual quotes for material purchases. That is, upgrades for: 1) Camera and communication systems for both TCTC and Security Gates, 2) Server and Internet access systems, 3) the Phone system, and 4) the Point of Sale system.

f. Review and Approve Security Camera, Phone System, Gate and Gate Access Control Proposal – Assume this relates to Item e. above.

g. Review and Approval of Agreement for Comprehensive Landscaping Services – At the September 22nd Board meeting, the Board opened Common Area Landscaping bids from BrightView, Reno Green and Reliance Grounds Management. Prices ranged from $1.25M to $2.27M annually for various options. Due to the complexity of the proposals and the differences associated with scope, price adders and credits, the preceding prices could not be compared on a strict “apples to apples” basis. Hence they were referred to the Facilities Committee for further analysis and recommendations. It is assumed that the Board will be selecting the winning vendor under this item.

h. Personnel Policy for Cell Phones and Mileage – A new policy?

As usual Owner comments on both agenda and/or non-agenda items will be accepted.

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