SOA October 27th Board Meeting Info

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The Board Meeting Packet for the October 27th Special Board meeting is now available on the SOA website ( and may be accessed via the “SOA Board & Committees/Board Documents/2021” page links (log-in required). It contains the following pertinent information for the referenced agenda items: (Note: See SU’s previous post “October 27th SOA Special Board Meeting” for a complete listing of agenda items.

3. c. Discussion, Legal Analysis, and Acceptance of Streets and Gates of the Cliffs Subdivision from Toll Brothers – Toll Brothers is demanding that the SOA accept transfer of “The Cliffs” streets and gates no later than November 1, 2021. If not , “Toll intends to file an action for declaratory, injunctive, and monetary relief in the Second Judicial District Court of Nevada”. The Board packet contains two letters from Toll brothers substantiating their position that the SOA is obligated to accept such transfer. They also claim that: “Toll, as the owner of several lots in The Cliffs, has paid a total of $325,168 in assessments to Somersett for the maintenance of the streets and gates since January even though Somersett has not accepted any responsibility for the streets or gates, much less their maintenance. Toll has further incurred at least $67,000 in snow removal costs and gate maintenance during that time”. It will be interesting to see what our legal staff has to say!  Much less the Board who has a policy of avoiding litigation.

3.c. Review and Approval of Holiday Lighting – The Board had apparently solicited bids for Holiday lighting for the: 1) Entry Cottage, 2) Clubhouse & Trees, 3) Verdi Entrance & Trees, and 4) Parkway Roundabouts & Trees. In response, the Board Packet contained the following bids:

  • BrightView – $23,296
  • Lawn Express – $4,500 (assumes decorations are provided by the SOA)
  • Sierra Christmas Lights – $80,700

Makes you wonder what they were all bidding on! Last year the Board approved a similar proposal from Lawn Express for $15,600. (did the SOA keep the decorations?). Also, the Board previously approved $10,000 for TCTC Holiday lighting, where does this fit in?

3. f. Review and Approve Security Camera, Phone System, Gate and Gate Access Control Proposal – The Board Meeting Packet contains numerous vendor quotes related to the following:

  • Security Cameras – A PacStates quote for $197K (recommended by the Technology Advisory Committee). Plus four other quotes ranging from $44K to $74K. It was not clear how these relate to the $197K PacStates quote.
  • Server Upgrade – quotes ranging from $10K to $21K. Again not clear how these fit together.
  • Phone System – $600 one time fee, $357/month
  • Point of Sale Equipment – $1.4K

SU suspects the Board (and readers) will have a difficult time assessing all these vendor quotes and how, if at all, they fit together. Hopefully the Technology Advisory Committee will sort things out!

3.g. Review and Approval of Agreement for Comprehensive Landscaping Services –  For those interested in the details, the Board Packet contains the three bid packages received from BrightView, Reno Green and Reliance Grounds Management, wherein the prices ranged from $1.25M to $2.27M annually. It is expected that the Finance Committee will be making a recommendation to the Board.

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