Who to Vote For?

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Somersett owners have either received or will soon be receiving their ballots to vote for the two open positions on the SOA Board of Directors. Four candidates have thrown their hat into the ring, none of which are incumbents. These are : Clint Maples, Anna Olea Moger, Pete Platt, and Barney Siri. Clicking on the forgoing names will link to the individual candidate statements.

The question is, what are you looking for in a Board Director?  Financial expertise? Prior HOA Board service? Management experience? Diversity? Sub Association affiliation? Active in community affairs? Other reasons?

Many of these aspects were addressed at the October 26th Candidate Night Meeting held at TCTC. which was accessible either in person or by Zoom Video Conference. Between the two venues there were about 70 participants. Not a very good turnout, at least in SU’s opinion!

However, if you were not able to attend either, and want to hear candidate responses to questions posed by the Communication Committee, participating owner questions, as well as their individual statements, the session was video taped and is available for viewing via the following link:


Note:  If you have trouble with the above link it is also available on the SOA website (www.somersett.org) via the “SOA Board & Committees/2021 Candidates for the SOA Board” page links.

The prepared questions asked of each candidate by the Communication Committee were as follows, interpretation of responses is left to the listeners of the video. Note that these were given to the Candidates in advance, so they had ample time to prepare their answers.

  1. What did you do to PREPARE for this meeting and for and a future Board position? Did you attend Committee, Board or other Meetings? What did you observe or learn?
  2. Do you have the TIME to devote to being a Board member? With the transition to self/internal management, there may be a higher demand on your time for the first half of 2022. Does your calendar or travel schedule allow you to devote the time necessary?
  3. What is the RELATIONSHIP between the Board and Residents? Who is in charge? With the establishment of internal/self-management which will handle day to day operational issues, what do you see as the ongoing/future ROLE of the Board?
  4. What is your personal COMMUNICATION and MANAGEMENT style? Tell us how you listen & respond, pitch your point of view and resolve differences. How will you interact with the current Board?
  5. What are your comments about the BUDGET AND RESERVE STUDY? Dues, major expenses, etc.
  6. The current Board has changed the way it enforces COMPLIANCE with Somersett’s Architectural Guidelines (building and landscaping.) Instead of curt letters, notices and fines, the Board prefers direct and personal communication with homeowners about non-compliance issues. What is your approach?
  7. The current Board is reviewing the landscape contract for Somersett. Landscaping is an important and expensive item. What are your ideas about Somersett LANDSCAPING?
  8. On what COMMITTEES would you like to serve and why?

In addition to the canned questions, at the end of the formal session, participating owners were able to ask their own. These addressed the following topics:

  • New responsibilities and duties as an employeer
  • HOA Board experience
  • Safety and security
  • Green energy initiatives
  • Employee replacement plans
  • Risks/Benefits of self management
  • Position on when to increase dues
  • Willingness to serve on Committees if not elected
  • Common area infrastructure replacements

In addition to the Candidate Night video, what other sources of information are available to assist owners in making up their mind? Obviously the ballot mailing candidate statements referenced above, talking to friends and neighbors to gain their perspectives, perhaps social medial like the “Somersett Nextdoor” website (if you can navigate through the dialogs).

With regard to social media, SU has chosen not to endorse any of the Candidates, feeling they are all qualified to serve and will leave that to others. However,  for those of you who want to voice your support for or endorse a particular candidate or candidates on this website,  your comments are always welcome. This includes postings or comments from our Candidates as well.

2 thoughts on “Who to Vote For?

    1. Deb,
      There was a delay in mailing the ballots because the SOA wanted to also include the required 2022 Budget mailing package. However, I expect they are either in the mail now or will be by October 31st at the latest. The Association is well aware of the NRS 116 (Nevada law) requirement that “Each unit’s owner must be provided with at least 15 days after the date the secret written ballot is mailed to the unit’s owner to return the secret written ballot to the association“. Since the ballots are scheduled to be opened at the November 15th Annual Owners meeting, time for ballot mailings is running out!

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