Still Have Your BOD Ballot?

Vote 5

If you have not yet submitted your ballot for the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Director elections, you have only three days remaining to do so. All ballots must be received no later than 1:00 PM on Monday, November 15th at The Club at Town Center (TCTC).  If you have not yet submitted your ballot, suggest you deposit it the Ballot Box at TCTC, as it is too late to rely on US Mail.

Ballots will be counted and results announced at the November 15th Annual Owners Meeting at TCTC starting at 4:00 PM, which will have only two agenda items: 1) Ballot counting and election results and 2) Ratification of the 2022 Budget, which is basically automatic given it would take a vote of 75% of all owners present at the meeting  or with proxies to reject it.

3 thoughts on “Still Have Your BOD Ballot?

  1. I did not receive my envelopes (necessary for a secret ballot) with my voting and financial package.

    Visited the TCTC to vote, where the staff were helpful but had run out of the official envelopes… so our vote will be obvious as it is a white envelope!

    If one could e-vote, as do many professional organizations, which have many more members than Somersett. One organization (I am a member) has told me that voting participation is up by 30% since this “e” option has been deployed (since 2010).

    We are told that the NRS does not specifically allow for e-voting, e-mail communications; but it doesn’t actually rule e-voting out!

    We need to move Somersett into the 21st CENTURY and use secure e-voting; this will enhance community participation; save on costly, slow USPS mail. You can always allow folks to opt-out and use the mail.

    1. We understand that many did not have ballot envelopes in their “Ballot/Budget” mailing package, unacceptable. Wonder how many just said the hell with it and therefore did not vote.
      Perhaps just a last bit of incompetence by our outgoing Management company – FirstService Residential?

  2. Past and Present Board’s and First Residential have always complained about resident apathy…It is a pity that First Residential kept their “we don’t care about customers” streak alive…till the very end! It is inexcusable to wait to just 2 weeks before an election and mail out the ballots using USPS. How many times do I find someone else’s mail in my mailbox…What about our residents who have their ballots mailed out of state? They are effectively disenfranchised.

    Yes, we are following the NRS, written in the 20th Century…why not have our community make a giant leap forward into the 21st Century using e-communications…Nancy Kerry will you be able to lead us forward?

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