2021 SOA BOD Elections and Budget Ratification

election results 2

The Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Annual Homeowner Meeting was held at The Club at Town Center on Monday, November 15th, and contained the following two agenda items: 1) Board of Director (BOD) Elections and 2) 2022 Budget Ratification.

BOD Elections

Four candidates were running for the two open BOD positions previously held Simon Baker, who is moving out of Somersett, and Craig Hanson, who had previously resigned his position. Ballots were opened at the Meeting with the resulting vote counts:

Anna Olea-Moger  –  605
Clint Maples  –  512
Pete Platt  –  266
Barney Siri  –  124

As the two highest vote getters, congratulations to Anna Olea-Moger and Clint Maples on their election to the Board. Also, kudos to Pete Platt and Barney Siri for their unselfish interest in serving the Community. The new Board met subsequent to the election and selected the following to serve as Officers:

President: Mark Capalongan (continues to serve in this position)
Secretary: William O’Donnell (continues to serve in this position)
Treasurer: Clint Maples (replaces outgoing member Simon Baker in this position)
Vice Presidents: Jacob Williams and Anna Olea-Moger

Approximately 810 ballots from eligible Association members were received, which only represent about 25% of the total. Therefore, it appears that the BOD elections continue to not be a high priority for most owners, with 2021 being even lower than in past years, which were in the 30%-35% range.

2021  Budget Ratification

With regard to ratification of the 2022 Budget, this is just a formality, as rejection by owners is next to impossible to accomplish. To understand this, the reader is referred to the following provision of the SOA’s CC&R’s:

Article II, Section 6. Budget. The Board shall adopt a proposed budget for each calendar year based on the projected common expenses of the Association, which shall include a reasonable reserve, Within thirty (30) days after adoption of any proposed budget for the Association, the Board shall provide a summary of the budget to the Owners, and shall set a date for a meeting of the Owners to consider ratification of the budget not less than fourteen (14) nor more than thirty days after mailing of the summary. Unless at that meeting seventy-five percent (75%) of all voting power of Owners rejects the budget, the budget is ratified, whether or not a quorum is present. If the proposed budget is rejected, the periodic budget last ratified by the Owners must be continued until such time as the Owners ratify a subsequent budget proposed by the Board.

One thought on “2021 SOA BOD Elections and Budget Ratification

  1. In spite of the current Board’s activity to enhance community engagement, the lack of interest in voting for the Board, is to say the least, disappointing!

    Why does participation fall short?

    I belong to another HOA (in SF) where voting – on all matters, budgets, expenditures, Board elections has a very high rate of participation. It is one building, 126 residences, hence community mindness and being a good neighbor are paramount to most.

    Somersett is a truly beautiful community surrounded by mountains, with unparallelled vistas for Washoe County. It has its own micro-climate, our weather station temperatures (and the rare rain) are mentioned nightly on the local news channels… We are in one the better Washoe County Scool districts, adding to desirability. We have 2 active community centers, two golf courses. The Club at Town Center (TCTC), anchors “downtown Somersett”, now with 3 restaurants/bars and a handy convenience store forming a dynamic activity center.

    Somersett is now owner controlled and we have a new General Manager – Nancy Kerry – who lives here, and works for all of us. We believe that the community dynamics will improve as the residents will be treated as customers should, a sharp break in past practises under First Residential’s management.

    So how to increase participation/community involvement in voting, surveys? One way is to facilitate secure e-voting, eliminating (mostly) the time consuming mailing of “stuff” required by the NRS. The mail is not efficient, and the short lead times, a poorly managed activity in the past, have led to delays…it is a lot of work to mail over 3000 bulky envelops. The NRS does not prevent the use of e-voting, it was written so long ago (in the 20th century?) that it does not take into account modern ways of communicating. Most folks can e-bank securely, why not e-vote?

    One other thought, was during the election time, there were no real burning issues to motivate…Lack of voting envelops (in many packets) obviously dissuaded folks from returning their ballots.

    The candidates night did not discern much in the way of differences, just experiences. We need ideas to make Somersett an even better place in the next decade, make Somersett a leader for the challenging times ahead. We need to reduce our mammoth water bill, by reducing the amount of grass, using drip irrigation. We need to reduce the energy costs of operating the town center, by going solar. We need to reduce the costs of operating our pools and keeping them open year round (weather permitting) by installing hot water solar heating. I could go on…

    Congratulations to Anna and Clint!

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