AGC Fees

The fees paid to the master Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Aesthetic Guidelines Committee (AGC) are too high and some may not be needed at all. A review of fee amounts and their necessity needs to be conducted by a temporary board appointed all-owner committee and not the same AGC to which the fees are paid. This needs to be on the April 12 agenda or otherwise addressed by the Board as soon as possible as now that the weather is turning project time is here. If AGC Guidelines are on the agenda, setting up this committee fits right in with owner 3 minute comments.

The CC&R’s (Article VI) require that the AGC have at least one member who is a “qualified member of one of the allied physical design professions.”  The reason for the fees owners pay is to cover the expenses of this person (or additional  professionals if also on the committee). However, not all exterior improvement projects need to go before the AGC.  Some, such as a screen or security door or a roof top solar tube, do not require the expertise of an architect and instead can be approved by someone (AGC Coordinator?) in Melissa’s office; and many can be approved by a sub-associaion committee without the need for AGC secondary approval.

All exterior improvement projects need to be approved so that there is a record in the master and/or sub Lot File as to what was done at that property.  Future owners may have a need to  know. A copy of what a sub-association has approved can be sent to the AGC Coordinator to be be placed in the master Lot File for record- keeping purposes only.

It is not OK for an owner to paint their house without approval as long as it is the same color.  The name of the color(s) used always needs to be recorded in the applicable Lot File so that future owners of that house can know the name/number of the color(s) in case they want to paint using the same color(s). Approving painting ought to be done by the AGC Coordinator and need not go to the Committee itself.

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  1. I don’t get your statement “It is not OK for an owner to paint their house without approval as long as it is the same color. ” NOT OK, Why?

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