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Somersett United maintains an “Open Forum” website.  Readers who may wish to communicate their opinions or other information pertaining to Somersett community affairs may do so by submitting Posts via email to the webmaster at, attention Jim Haar.

Submitted Posts should not be longer than 400 words, in good taste and without engaging in personal attacks or use of profane language.

Reader comments on Blog Posts are also solicited. To leave a comment, simply click on the “comment” icon at the end of each Post and submit it via the “Leave a Reply” box. All comments are subject to moderation before posting.  That is, only to insure no libelous or profane content, if so, the commenter will be notified and asked to reword and resubmit. Posted comments are not subject to editing.

If a reader wishes to reference an article or document in a Blog Post, these will be accommodated via a link and not included within the body of the Blog.  They will also be accessible under the “References” tab.

Submitters names are preferred for both posting and commenting. However, if confidentiality is desired for any reason, anonymous or pseudonyms may be used. SU respects that contributors  may not want to submit themselves to unwanted repercussions or to use pseudonyms that draw attention to their postings or comments.