Pat Gaskill (SGCC President) SOA Agreement Emails to Club Members


From: “Pat Gaskill”
Date: October 24, 2012 7:38:36 AM HST
Subject: SOA Agreement

Dear Fellow Club Members,

I feel it that is critical for you to see what Somersett United (SU) is trying to do in misleading our Community. This is a very important point and I want you to feel comfortable in discussing this with your friends and neighbors if it comes up.

SU continues to call our agreement with the SOA a “subsidy”. That is an outright lie and don’t be afraid to call it exactly that.

The agreement between the SOA and the Country Club is an agreement that allows ALL community members access to Club facility for a fee. To keep it short here, this is a win/win in every way. The community members get a screaming deal on Club access and the Club receives revenue in exchange.

To agree or disagree on this type of arrangement is fair game and can be discussed either way. But to call it a “gift” or a “subsidy” (their language), is simply a lie designed to cause our residents to reach a false conclusion that their dues are being used to “save the country club with a subsidy”.

As a resident, I will be asking the SU candidates to cease using false language in their efforts to win office on the SOA Board.

In closing, again, it is critical that your neighbors be informed and to not be misinformed by SU. Please do not let up until November 15th, this is an all hands on deck call to action in your neighborhoods. If we were simply arguing the merits of agreements, we wouldn’t be here. But we are dealing with a group that is intentionally misleading our community and they are dangerous.

Pat Gaskill

From: “Pat Gaskill”
Date: October 24, 2012 7:33:46 AM HST
Subject: SOA Candidates

Dear Fellow Club Members,

I have been attending SOA Board Meeting and Finance Committee Meetings for several months now. I am sending this letter to you as a fellow resident. Unfortunately, there are a few in our community who are so negative and so accusatory in their general tone in these meetings that many, many good qualified people have chosen not to run for election to the Board because of what I call the “hassle factor” of these people. Some of these people have now submitted their names for election to the Board and, in my opinion, their election would not be in the best interest of the Community.

As you may be aware, the Somersett Owners Association election process is now underway. This is an unusually critical time for our SOA in that, for the first time, a 5 person Board will be elected to take over from the Developer and make the critical decisions that will shape our beautiful Somersett neighborhood for years to come. It is, in my opinion, the most important election this community will ever conduct. This first one will set the tone for the future of all of our neighborhoods.

There are 13 candidates on the ballot, some of whom many of us know well. There are several who deserve our support and, unfortunately, there are several who do not. All of the candidates Bio’s are available on

Many of us have very busy lives and may not have the time to vet each individual candidate in a relatively short period of time. The people listed below deserve my vote and support. I have the utmost respect for each one of them for their willingness to serve on behalf of the Community. For that reason, I recommend the following candidates(in no particular order) to you for your votes.

Ray Lee

Tony Fakonas

Danielle Kirby

Curtis Chan

Dave Hughes

I urge you to not be complacent in this election for one instant. I also believe that this election is so vital that you encourage your neighbors to be informed and to vote as well. There are factions running in this election which we believe are counter to the best interests of our community as a whole. As members of this community, we must all take responsibility to ensure that the first elected SOA board comprises residents who will represent the whole community and its common interests. Please be sure to vote. Please be sure to encourage your neighbors to vote.



Pat Gaskill


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