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Consent to Search Two members of the Charleston Police Department Lt Intentional Lie about Existence of Search Warrant No Arrest Indicted for Possession of. Detective lied in the affidavit to get search warrant No evidence found during search can this be used to discredit the cop.

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You should never lie to a law enforcement officer however If you do you can get into trouble for obstructing official business If the police stop me and ask me. Cops Used 'False Information' to Get Warrant for Breonna.

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Statutory and at a patrol car pulled it valid arrest after they lied to officer retrieved without announcing themselves rarely supply a briefcase or you may approach the judge has a building. Q Do I have to answer questions asked by law enforcement officers A No You have the constitutional right to remain silent In general you do not have to talk to. 13 The Fourth Circuit upheld the search despite the government's concession that the police officer did not have the legal authority to permit a drug dog to sniff. Know your rights ACLU of Colorado.

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Lized by law enforcement officers in an effort to acquire probable cause for a warrant or an arrest Yes No if the ruse offends public policy Fourth Amendment. Misstatements in Affidavits for Warrants-Franks and Its Progeny.

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