SOA Board of Directors Meeting

Town CenterThe Somersett Owners Association Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 12 at 5:30 PM in the Loft. The agenda is available via log-in on the SOA website at   However, for those of you who may not be signed up to access the SOA website (we encourage all to do so), a reprint of the meeting agenda is available on our reference page and the link below.

April 12 BOD Meeting Agenda

We urge all to read the agenda and attend the meeting if at all possible.  There are many important items to be discussed and the more homeowner involvement in these meetings the better.  If you are so inclined to express your viewpoint or ask questions on any of the agenda items we would encourage you do so during the homeowner comments portion of the meeting.

Of particular interest are New Business items 7 a,b,c, pertaining to SOA Board control turnover and expansion to five members, as this will be a significant event affecting all Somersett homeowners. Also, items 7 e,f related  to filing a Complaint of Damages against Summit Engineering and Moana Nursery for the rock wall and irrigation system defects.  This action being done pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute NRS 116.31088 1(e), a copy of which is also available on our reference page and the link below.

NRS 116.31088

Other New Business Items include SOA attorney legal opinions relating to SGCC Agreement Validity and the TCTC Pool Solar Cover.  Whereas these opinions are available on the website, they have also been included on our reference page for viewing and the links below.

Legal Opinion SGCC Agreement Validity

Legal Opinion Solar Pool Cover

Concerned Homeowners for a Better Future

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Somersett United.  Somersett United is a group of concerned Somersett homeowners dedicated to promoting the well being of the Somersett Community at large.  Many events have been happening in our community that most homeowners are not aware of.  We are not about any particular issue, but about the lack of transparency on the part of the Developer controlled SOA Board.  We at Somersett should be well informed about significant expenditures on the part of the SOA Board and be given a choice to agree or disagree.  This is not happening.  Living in America, many times a special interest group can effect a big change, the tail wagging the dog.  So you, the majority are truly silent.  This is happening here in Somersett with the current SOA Board and shouldn’t be.

We urge all to take advantage of this blog as a way of being informed and connected to the community.  It will be evolving and adding pertinent information frequently.

Stay in touch! Join our group for email updates on issues of importance to all of us.

SOA Board Control – Time for Turnover

As most know, the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors is still controlled by the Somersett Development Company (SDC) with Blake Smith being both President of SDC and the SOA Board of Directors.  It is Somersett United’s (SU) contention that the SDC has exhausted its right to control the SOA and appoint members to its Board of Directors.  Under Nevada State Law, the period of developer control ends 60 days after 75% of the number of units that may be created have been conveyed to owners other than the developer.  SU believes that this “trigger” has been reached. Read more

Somersett Country Club Lease Agreement – Good or Bad – Legal or Not Legal

On November 14, 2011 the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Executive Board entered into a three year Lease Agreement (with options for subsequent three and four renewal periods) with the Somersett Country Club (SGCC), a private entity, wherein it allocated $15/month of Somersett homeowner assessment dues to the SGCC in exchange for the “lease” of SGCC facilities and services to be accessible by homeowners.  Read more.