Do Somersett SOA Fees Keep SGCC In The Black?

Raining MoneyOn March 13 the Sunday Business section of the RGJ published an article entitled “HOA fees keep Somersett golf in the black”, which became a subject of controversy within the Somersett community. To read the full article, please click on the following hyperlink:

HOA fees keep Somersett golf in the black, by Jason Hidalgo

In response to the RGJ Article, the following was submitted to the RGJ by Greg Raleigh:

In Somersett, it’s a win-win for all parties

In response to your article “In the rough: HOA fees keep Somersett in the black” [Business, March 13]:

You adequately covered the voice of a vocal minority here in the Somersett community. But given the impetus for the article, the closing of D’Andrea Golf Course, you missed one very important piece of this story: how creative problem solving between two entities within Somersett created a positive outcome for the entire Somersett community.

As an overall title for your article, instead of “In the rough,” I would have chosen “A tale of two golf communities” because, for Somersett and D’Andrea, it truly is the best of times and worst of times, respectively.

In D’Andrea’s case, the HOA is out of alignment with the owner of the golf club, and the net result is lose-lose. In contrast, Somersett’s experience is the opposite of D’Andrea’s.  In our case, the HOA and golf club aligned to create a positive strategy that benefits both entities. The golf club now has greater support from the community, while the residents have new access to the golf club with additional amenities on the way.

The net result is that, as a community, the entities within Somersett have created a win-win for all parties involved.

Greg Raleigh, PGA, Membership director, Somersett Golf & Country Club

Homeowner Reply:

The following reply to Mr. Raleigh’s letter was submitted by SD Kanyr:

As an active Somersett homeowner, I take exception to Mr. Raleigh’s letter.  SGCC with the support and/or assistance of Blake Smith came up with “creative problem solving” and a “positive strategy”. SOA homeowners were not consulted and were given little time to review the documents before they were rammed through the Board. At no time have SOA Board or Blake Smith admitted that these agreements subsidize SGCC loses. Read more?

Town Center Properties – What’s Happening?

For those of you who may not be aware as to what is transpiring with the Town Center  retail properties, which were  defaulted on by the Somersett Development Company and taken over by the Bank,  SU’s understanding of current status is as follows:

  • The building housing the “The Grape &The Grain” has been sold (i.e., in escrow).  Owners and intended use are unknown to SU at this time.
  • The  building housing the “Park Place Cleaners” is still in the banks hands, any offers to purchase are unknown to SU at this time.
  • The vacant lots adjacent to the existing Town Center Buildings have been purchased by Doodle Properties LLC, with intended use being construction of a two building Alzheimer’s  facility.
  • The  vacant lot adjacent to “The Club at Town Center”  facility has an offer of purchase from the SOA Board in the amount of $210,000 (more on this later with regard to use of SOA Funds to purchase property for undesignated use).

SU will follow developments associated with the preceding as they develop

Reference:   Town Center Plot Plan

AGC Fees

(Submitted by Joe Bower)

The fees paid to the master Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Aesthetic Guidelines Committee (AGC) are too high and some may not be needed at all. A review of fee amounts and their necessity needs to be conducted by a temporary board appointed all-owner committee and not the same AGC to which the fees are paid. This needs to be on the April 12 agenda or otherwise addressed by the Board as soon as possible as now that the weather is turning project time is here. If AGC Guidelines are on the agenda, setting up this committee fits right in with owner 3 minute comments. Read More

Concerned Homeowners for a Better Future

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Somersett United.  Somersett United is a group of concerned Somersett homeowners dedicated to promoting the well being of the Somersett Community at large.  Many events have been happening in our community that most homeowners are not aware of.  We are not about any particular issue, but about the lack of transparency on the part of the Developer controlled SOA Board.  We at Somersett should be well informed about significant expenditures on the part of the SOA Board and be given a choice to agree or disagree.  This is not happening.  Living in America, many times a special interest group can effect a big change, the tail wagging the dog.  So you, the majority are truly silent.  This is happening here in Somersett with the current SOA Board and shouldn’t be.

We urge all to take advantage of this blog as a way of being informed and connected to the community.  It will be evolving and adding pertinent information frequently.

Stay in touch! Join our group for email updates on issues of importance to all of us.

Somersett Country Club Lease Agreement – Good or Bad – Legal or Not Legal

On November 14, 2011 the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Executive Board entered into a three year Lease Agreement (with options for subsequent three and four renewal periods) with the Somersett Country Club (SGCC), a private entity, wherein it allocated $15/month of Somersett homeowner assessment dues to the SGCC in exchange for the “lease” of SGCC facilities and services to be accessible by homeowners.  Read more.